Secrets for Conceiving a Gifted Child

Many pure souls are wandering about in the ether, desperately knocking at every door [door of the parents]. They go back heaving a deep and anguished sigh not being able to find a conducive breeding ground to be reborn. As a result, society is fast draining out of capable men and women.

–Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra

To conceive a baby is a great miracle of life and care must be taken to make that baby a special one. The creation of a perfect child is the most sublime accomplishment of life.

Preparing versus Gambling for Conception of a Child

People shop for days, even months, to find the right home, car, even the right dress. Athletes aspiring for the Olympics spend years in training. Football players do not play in the SuperBowl without preparation. Students optimize these test score by studying and being in a good mental state prior to an exam. They do not take a test with zero preparedness and get drunk the night before.

Couples must give at least equal attention to drawing the right soul into their family. Like someone putting down a good downpayment for a home, there will be lower interest payments in the future.

We do not go to Las Vegas and gamble with our $100,000 mortage payment. In the same way, do couples want to gamble what soul they will bring in? Couples must prepare for the souls who will come to live with them as their children. One Master explained to potential parents, “We do not invite a stranger into our home.” Another saint advised, “We don’t play potluck on the astral plane.”

Conceiving a child is a sacred act. Yet few young people who get married think about preparing for their future role as parents. When they decide to have a child, they do not ask: Are we fit to be parents? Are we healthy? Do we have financial means to provide for a child? Do we have the qualities a child needs in order to be a constant example and give the children security and consolation in all circumstances?

Some parents have children to give meaning to their marriage. Others bring children into the world to satisfy an atavistic instinct of procreation. Certain women have a secret motive, “If I have a baby, maybe my husband will stay home or he will change.” In cases, where couples either do not desire a child, feel negative emotions – fear, dejection, grief, anger – or desire another partner, the offspring can grow up suffering from negative psychological and physical consequences.

Modern researchers affirm that the nature of someone’s conception and embryological development influence future life patterns. Unplanned conceptions, illegitimate conceptions, and traumatic conceptions become the foundations of unconscious patterns in the life of the resulting child.

What Spiritual teachers say about Conscious Conception

  • Lawrence Vijay Girard — “We should not take lightly the responsibility of bringing a soul into this world. The soul, as individualized spirit, is by definition a part of God. As parents we are the physical plane stewards of this expression of God. . . . We must do our best to be worthy of that trust.” (Doorway to a New Lifetimes, Childbirth from a Spiritual View)
  • Otoman Zar-Adusht-Hanish — Parents who bring a child into the world in “a haphazard manner” — without preparation and consideration of their parental responsiblities commit — “a crime that will not only stand before them in the presence of consciousness, but continue to reflect and react upon them in days to come.”(Inner Studies)
  • Torkom Saraydarian — The majority of the children are unfortunately “unwanted or are children for whom no preparation has been made.” If this situation continues, future children will be born into a more polluted environment and in unfavorable conditions for their health and growth.

    “In what way can we justify ourselves if we did not take all precautionary steps but brought children into the world to satisfy our instincts, our parents, or as the inevitable fruits of our pleasures?” Parents influence the children they bring into the world. They are responsible for their “children’s suffering, pains, and failures.” (Woman, the Torch of the Future)

    A woman who has been sexually active with different partners collects the thoughtforms of those men in her aura. “If she conceives a child, that child carries those thoughtforms in his aura and has a life of problems. It can even cause the child to be mentally imbalanced.”

  • Harold W. Percival — Expectant mothers in ancient Greece, surrounded themselves with “objects conducive to the production of healthy, beautiful and noble children.” Their children generally possessed the desired physical qualities, but not the noble characters and intellectual powers. That is because a mother who desires a gifted child must culture these qualities in herself, “control her desires and think on lofty subjects before conception.” (Thinking and Destiny)
  • Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov — Parents bring children into the world without proper preparation and leave the children to bring up themselves. “And the children do what they can on their own and then, one day, they too have children in the same deplorable conditions as their parents.” More often than not, parents conceive children after a spree of too much eating and drinking. “This is the sublime condition of many parents at the moment of conceiving a child!” “This is the moment they choose if they can be said to ‘choose’ at such a moment.” “Most people are content to live like animals. They eat, drink and procreate like animals. There is no spiritual content to what they do.” Love does not count: pleasure is all-important. (Education Begins before Birth)
  • Dosthora Mudalihamy Warnasuriya — “Long life, endurance, gifted intelligence, life abilities, and death all originate at the moment of conception.” (Sri Lankan Science for Conceiving Gifted Children)
  • Murshida Vera Justin Corda — “The soul is entranced by the thought-forms created by the love relationship that exists between the couple. . . . the soul is captured willingly.” (Cradle of Heaven)
  • Dosthora Mudalihamy Warnasuriya — Divine Body Care science offers instructions to determine an ideal conception time — when the amount of celestial energy reaching Earth is maximum and combination of energies is correct for type of child the parents desire. Besides timing, Divine Body Care science relies upon herbal combinations and practices, such as achieving mutual orgasm.

    The Divine Body Care science texts were written in poetic form thousands of years ago:

    Possessing a hundred children conceived during the zodiac’s weak electromagnetic moments is no asset to the family. They are like millions of stars unable to dispel the darkness of the night.

    One gifted child created during a waxing moon and strong zodiac electromagnetic moments is like the one full moon capable of dispelling the darkness of the night.

    One full moon capable of dispelling the darkness, illuminating the whole earth, giving life and beauty, is like one gifted child capable of taking care of the parents, family and nation.

    Millions of stars unable to dispel the darkness of the night are like hundreds of children conceived at a waning moon and weak zodiac electromagnetic moments who are no asset to family or nation. They are a liability to family and nation. “(Sri Lankan Science for Conceiving Gifted Children)

Like attracts Like

Do parents have any leverage over what kind of soul comes into the womb at conception? We may think not; however, the ancient cultures of India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Greece, and Rome grasped an important truth which succeeding ages have long forgotten: souls are drawn by magnetic attraction at the time of biological conception. Prospective parents can affect quality of soul they draw into this world.

The principle, “like attracts like,” reminds us that the coupling together of parents and child is more than coincidence. The child’s soul resonates in accord with frequency of parents’ consciousness at time of physical union, like two calibrated tuning forks vibrating in harmony.

Every parent-to-be aspires for a beautiful, healthy child, yet Nature works in strange and mysterious ways. So that even though, a couple offers prayers, and desires to birth a high soul, ultimately, the baby’s soul will match the needs of the couple. Raising a physically-compromised child, for example, may be the journey which carries the greatest understanding, compassion, wisdom and love. And in even some cases, the child may be a genius such as Stephen Hawking, the crippled modern physicist.

“Like attracts like,” operates in conception — whether pregnancy results from conscious planning or an accident of passion.

Why do Spiritual Masters say Like attracts Like

  • Paramahamsa Yogananda — When prospective parents come together, there is a flash of light in the ether. Souls who are compatible with that spark rush towards it. In some cases there is a mad dash — winner take all!
  • Jeannine Parvati Baker — “If you want a high souled baby, an aware child, then be that high soul yourself.”
  • Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov — “Children are not born into a particular family by chance. . . . parents attract their children. And this being so, they should consciously try to attract divine beings, geniuses, into their family.” A soul of a high calibre will “incarnate with parents who have achieved a certain degree of purity and self-control. . . . It will look for a family capable of giving it a heredity which will not prove to be a handicap in its spiritual task on earth.”

    What elements do parents introduce into a child conceived when they were inebriated with alcohol and not fully conscious of what they are doing? Such a child will be “the first victim of its own parents.” The child will enter the world cursed from the start with weaknesses and frailties which make child’s life miserable and a burden to others. The parents will pay for rest of their lives for a few moments of sensual pleasure Ñ the child will pay as well. (Education Begins before Birth)

  • Tibet — Parental choices before conception attract the child who will incarnate, and so influence the nature and quality of the child who enters a family. (Tibetan Art of Parenting)
  • Pythagoras — Women who express negative thoughts and deeds attract lesser evolved souls into their womb; “divine spirits are attracted to gentle tender-hearted” women. (Schure, Edouard, Pythagoras and the Delphic Mysteries)
  • Mary M. Mayhew — “We do not choose our child; our child chooses us. . . . What we do have, if not control, is influence — considerable influence. The couple’s joy and anticipation, their understanding and their spiritual evolvement and insight, will help to make up the spiritual force-field that will attract a soul of similar vibration.” (Star Child)
  • India — According to Yoga, a natural process of vibrational attraction to a particular set of parents brings a soul back from a subtle, nonphysical realm for rebirth. This attraction is due to samskaras — the cumulative effect of the desires, tendencies and habits of the parents and child established in previous lifetime relationships. Samskaras act like a magnet drawing the soul from lhe subtle realm to its future parents.

    Ayurvedic medical texts of ancient India placed great emphasis on pre-conception and the ideal development of potential parents’ mental and physical well-being via a holistic prenatal preparation program. Although children do the choosing, aspiring parents assume an active role in the process by doing what they can to become well worth choosing.

  • Zen Buddhism — True conception is an offering up to the Lord of oneself, the unborn child, and the sex act itself; the body must be thought of as temple of the Lord and treated accordingly. When all is offered up to the Lord the seed of life descends in purity; when that seed is snatched in lust the chances of all the karmic jangles [former judgments of oneself] being cleansed in that lifetime are not good. Parents should know well what their mental attitude can do at time of conception. It is because children are born out of their parents’ lust that guilt comes into being and children are forced to bear a karmic jangle that rightfully belongs to parents. There is no such thing as a child born in sin; there are children conceived in lust as a result of their parents trying to rob the Lord of His Seed. Such parents rob themselves of their unity with the Lord and, if they persist in the misuse of sex, put off that unity for countless ages. The sex act is the act of the Lord when it is undertaken to free an unborn being from his karmic jangles.

    “Intercourse is a holy act; orgasm a sacred unity.” The couple must be “utterly respectful and gentle in the sense of the marriage vow, ‘with my body I thee worship.'” (Jiyu-Kennett, Roshi and Mac Phillamy, Daizui, The Book of Life)

  • Plato, ancient Greece — Couples who indulge in excessive alcohol at the time of conception conceive inferior children.
  • USA, modern research — Alcohol intake around conception creates a higher risk for malformations of eyes, ears, lips, head and face.
  • Taoism — The child conceived by parents who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication suffers from nervous and mental problems.

Attracting Old Souls versus Young Souls according to Torkom Saraydarian

Couples can give birth to children belonging to either a higher or lower stage of development according to Torkom Saraydarian. A couple who desires an exceptional child and raises their consciousness, quality of thoughts and feelings, attitude, and way of life, will attract an “old soul” who will come to Earth and further mankind’s evolution. Such a child will already know what contribution he wants to make as a leader, genius, or a humanitarian, etc.

Couples who are unable to attract an advanced soul bring in a less evolved or “young soul.” Such a child turns out to be a troublesome offspring who wastes time, energy, money, and his body. He is lured by the superficial values and generally hinders his spiritual growth by using alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and by wasting energy in excessive indulgence in sex.

Physical attraction between a man and woman, by itself, “cannot create an electrical call into higher spheres of frequencies where the advanced souls wait for incarnation.”

“A couple attracts a child according to automatic resonance. If your physical, emotional, and vibration becomes 2,000, you attract only that frequency. Layers and layers of souls of other frequencies are not being attracted to you to be born. Karma and the Rays also play a part in the selection of a child.”

Most couples have sexual intercourse on physical/etheric and astral energy levels. Children created with these energies are “emotionally focused, and either criminal or goody-goody, depending on the quality of the parents’ emotional exchange.” They do not rise to greatness. Many are born before they are ready.

If intercourse in done only on the physical/etheric level and the woman does not give love, affection and emotional support to the man, the couple will only attract children of similar nature.

A couple who experiences emotional fusion increase their chances to extend a call into higher spheres. “Mental at-one-ment further extends the electrical line into higher spheres. But only an idea charged with intuitional Fire can penetrate into higher spheres and build a bridge of light for the incoming soul.”

During the preparation period, the couple considers the “requirements needed by a soul who may incarnate due to the voltage of the great idea.” Advanced souls require special care, conditions, circumstances, and wisdom from their parents. For instance, if the couple invokes a talent of the arts, a musician, singer, or composer, they must be prepared to provide the proper conditions so that the child can unfold his talents without any hindrance.

Woman’s ability to create a child is the most creative act that occurs in life. The child’s body is like a microcosmic universe — a special creation, a powerful, awesome design. This knowledge leads us to a new set of responsibilities as parents and a loftier view of birthing a child. Parents are God’s shepherds of the souls in this world.

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