Am I on the right path to achieve my ambitions?

Let me start with my what my ambition really is. My ambition is to take my nation out of

Chasing my ambitions!!

the dirt in which it is in right now, help make it a powerful nation that gives equal rights of food, clothes and house to each of its citizens. In other words, I want to serve all the needy people in my Country so that they can feel empowered and never have to beg for anything. But I know that cannot done being just an employee of an company; for that I vie to become a entrepreneur who heads a very large business group like Mittals, Ambanis, Tatas etc.  I am really committed to it and most of the times I feel I am heading towards it. But sometimes due to some events in my day to day life or while just thinking of where I am right now, I get confused if I am on the right path to reach to my destination, or I need a real change to get back to right track.

The basic requirement (of course not only it) for an entrepreneur these days is money and time, rather lots of it. I thought several times to get into my own software company during my last 8 years of job days, but it stayed only in my thoughts and never came out of it, perhaps sometimes due to economical problems and sometimes due to timing problems. I am already 30 and am still earning just enough to feed and take care of the basic stuffs my family need, I don’t have any other source of earnings, still living on rent, no bank balance. And as far as time is concerned, I have a very busy and tight office schedule. Eventhough I am confident that nothing can stop me achieving my aim but still the question at this point of time is – how? When I think of my mates, they are in much better position than me, working for the biggies like Infy, Cognizant etc., earning no less than twice or thrice what I earn. Moreover, they’re having very settled and stable life thus get enough time for pondering over things other than the routine work. So, is this the solution? Should I start by changing my job to some big MNC so that I can have more money and time for my aims. But I don’t think this is the perfect solution, since I have hardly seen any of my friends working for big MNCs becoming entrepreneur, leave aside the question of doing something for nation.

On top of it, I don’t know why but I really hate switching my loyalties and thus the companies. In my  years of experience till date,  I have worked till date only for two companies, and tried my best to stick with them in all thick and thins. My first company was called Third Eye Software Pvt Ltd. This was the company where I learnt real dot net programming using best practices and leading project teams under the able guidance of Naveen Kohli, who has been author of many great online articles and author of dot net books under wrox publisher. I worked there too for long, but had to leave a day, when we were just 6-8 left for development and were on the brink of closing the company. Now I am working since 3 years in a mid size software company called Safaltek, where I got real good opportunities like travelling overseas manytimes, appreciated several times by my senior peers and client , rose to almost highest possible levels. Now the same company is trying to get me into US for long tenure, so that I can earn more and they can benefit with my skills.

So, the conclusion is  I should just stay on where I am, do my best in what I am doing, try to save some time for my family and wait for the right opportunities that may help me to achieve my goals earliest.

I am the problem as well as the solution, isn’t it ? ;-D

Your suggestions would really be appreciated.

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