A Lucky Break!

Do you have problems in life? I know how stupid it is to ask this question, who doesn’t have any problem in the life! But the ensuing question I have is how do you react when you have a problem? An incidence in my life taught me how to react to the problem a bit differently, and which is never waste your time in fixing the problem.

Dear Friends!

Before even IT came into picture, in India, some 20-25 years back, there was hardly a mention of a job hopper. But even during those days, my cool dad had the potential to put even new age job hoppers to shame. He made me change unbelievable 9 schools in my 12 years of schooling due to his job hopping misadventures. It was during my 8th standard, my dad again did a job hop, this time from Maharashtra to Haryana. The added problem, this time, was that since no English medium school was around, I was admitted to a Hindi medium school after studying in a convent school for seven years. Anyway, I was about to adjust even there. But true to his nature, my cool dad made one more job hop very next year. This time, it was from Haryana to Gujarat. There was a big problem here, there was no Hindi medium school and no English medium was ready to admit me. But my cool dad researched and got me admitted to a reputed English medium school somehow.

One a fine sunny day in January, I was playing Cricket with my schoolmates on the school ground. Suddenly a junior schoolmate came and asked “Bhaiya, can you throw this ball high, very high, I want to try to catch it”. As any other senior would do with a bit of pride, I said, “why not”. I took the ball and threw it high into the sky with all my strength. But the very next moment, I heard loud voices saying “Vinit, catch it”. I turned and saw that the batsman has hit the ball towards me for a very easy catch, I pulled my hand with the speed of light to take the catch. But something unusual happened, I could see the ball was passing across me, but I not able to move my hand. I felt a thousand volts of current is being passed into me. I was not able to bear the pain anymore, hence, I fell down at the ground.

I was admitted to a Hospital. Doctor confirmed that my right hand has got fractured and I would need complete bed rest for at least 3 months. In the meanwhile, my cool dad came to me with an emotional face and teary eyes and said: “Son, it’s so sad, your board exams were so near”. I reacted angrily “Dad, I am in a such a big problem, my hand has got fractured and you are worrying about board exams”. He said, “You cannot fix this problem my boy, but can turn it into an opportunity”. I just murmured, “dad you have gone insane”. But my dad made me realize that my board exam of the tenth class was aligned just after two months. I thought “I have lost one year” due to this problem, I was devastated.

I took complete rest for two good days, but on the third morning when I woke up, I said to myself, “No, I cannot give up like this due to this problem”. Since my right hand got think_right_for_once___by_erinbird-d4c3xal-425x282fractured, I started practicing with my left hand and within a week, I was able to scramble legible words. This boosted my confidence and I thought to myself “I still have 2 months to prepare for my board examination without even bothering to go to school. This looks more of an opportunity than a problem”. After that, I utilized each minute of my time to prepare my best for my exams. Fortunately, even my right hand started working just 2 weeks before my board exams. And I was able to clear my board exams with distinction.

I don’t think if my hand would not have been fractured, I would have been able to prepare so thoroughly. My cool dad taught me an important lesson in life  “A problem is simply an opportunity by another name”. I turned my problem here into a lucky break and did better preparation for my exam.

So all those people surrounded by problems, why to waste in fixing the problem, just turn it into an opportunity or a lucky break the way I did.

P.S. – Delivered this speech as my ACB (Advance Communicator Bronze) project at Toastmasters. This project is from Storytelling Manual. This was the first time I visited an advanced club (Speaker’s Den) in Bangalore and was fortunate to start with a speech there.
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